Brake Bands

General information

Woven brake bands are designed for all types of brakes and drum clutches in most critical applications. They feature high and stable friction coefficient. They guarantee meeting the strictest safety requirements, because their design assures resistance  to rapid failures, even in worst case.
Such bands are made based on highly durable and heat resistant yarns, featuring high friction coefficient. Special patent weave guarantees that the band does not delaminate, even in the most demanding working conditions. Special oil and synthetic impregnate ensures keeping stable braking conditions in the broad range of temperatures.
Thanks to their undeniable advantages the woven brake bands are used in most critical and demanding applications. BAC brake band is the only band with admission to use in hoisting machines for transport of humans in the mining sector, which is a safety critical application, issued by the President of Central Mining Office (WUG).

Woven friction linings are mostly used in drum brakes, in applications where high reliability and braking efficiency is necessary, e.g., in hoisting machines in mine shaft hoists, in stacking machines, stripping shovels and quarrying excavators, in harbour and shipborne cranes and elevators, steelwork overhead cranes or industrial eccentric presses.

We recommended mounting using hollow rivets with mushroom heads on metal surfaces and dowels and glue on wooden surfaces. We recommend “RAKOL” glue for wooden surfaces and "Chester Molecular Super” for metal surfaces. Mounting instruction is included in Operational and Technical Manual provided upon request.

Placing orders
The best way is to place an order for bands in sections, thickness and width as required, specified in conformity with the table on the reverse page. If required, specify the minimum length of the section. Manufacturing bands of the dimensions not specified in the table is also possible, after consultation.


Woven brake band BAC

Design of the brake band BAC
Brake band BAC is a woven band of ceramic yarns with very thin monofilaments reinforced with brass wire. The wire acts as mechanical reinforcement and a medium carrying off heat from the working area. Special multi-layered weave prevents delamination of lining under high loads while braking. Such a woven band is soaked with top quality composition of natural and synthetic resins, which results in manufacturing a reliable and highly homogeneous friction material.

Woven asbestos-free brake band BAC is designed for application in drum brakes of heavy machinery, wherever large braking forces are essential, at high temperatures and at places where high reliability of friction material is required.

Technical Characteristics

Acceptable working parameters of woven brake band BAC:

  • maximum unit pressure for lining adhesion to brake raceway  1.2 Mpa
  • maximum tangential velocity of braking raceway    20 m/s
  • maximum temperature under continuous operation    350oC
  • minimum kinetic friction coefficient      0.40

Caution: in order to evaluate the temperature correctly not only the ambient temperature in which the brake lining is assembled, but also the growth of temperature due to friction heat emission in working area should be taken into account. In case of intense braking the temperature can increase by as much as 200oC.

Approvals and admissions
Brake lining BAC has an admission no. GM-15/12  issued by the President of Central Mining Office (WUG) for application in hoisting machines used in mine shaft hoists.




Dimensions table for brake bands BAC



5 6 8 10 12 15 20

Width in 


25 X X X - - - -
30 X X X - - - -
35 X X X X - - -
40 X X X X X - -
45 X X X X X - -
50 X X X X X X -
55 X X X X X X -
60 X X X X X X -
65 X X X X X X -
70 X X X X X X -
75 X X X X X X -
80 X X X X X X X
85 X X X X X X X
90 X X X X X X X
95 X X X X X X X
100 X X X X X X X
105 X X X X X X X
110 X X X X X X X
115 X X X X X X X
120 X X X X X X X
130 X X X X X X X
140 X X X X X X X
150 X X X X X X X
160 X X X X X X X
170 X X X X X X X
180 X X X X X X X
190 X X X X X X X
200 - - - X X X X
210 - - - X X X X
220 - - - X X X X
230 - - - X X X X
240 - - - X X X X
250 - - - - X X X
260 - - - - X X X
270 - - - - - X X
280 - - - - - X X
290 - - - - - X -
300 - - - - - X -


All information in this catalogue is based on years of experience in manufacture and use of the discussed products. Since sealing performance in the joint is subject to multiple factors such as mounting method, system parameters, and sealed medium, technical parameters specified herein are of informative nature only and cannot be used as grounds for any claims; any special uses of products are subject to consulting with the manufacturer.