Since December 2011 Gambit has been testing gaskets sheets with the most up to date test stand in Europe. It is a German AMTEC Advanced Measurement GmbH digital hydraulic press allowing for a precise measurement of:

  • forces,
  • displacements,
  • temperature,
  • leakages.

A mass spectrometer coupled with the stand is able to detect and measure helium leakage of 10-7 mbar/l s (for a standard gasket it is 10-5 mg/m s, so 1 gram of helium would leak out after about sixteen years). The device allows for a fully controlled simulation of real working conditions and for assessment of their influence on durability, reliability and effectiveness of performance of a gasket. The simulation allows for objective determination of basic parameters of flange gaskets according to numerous norms and research procedures. It also allows for determination of calculation coefficients necessary for introducing a material to designs of devices, apparatus and installations. It is necessary for a manufacturer to provide a customer with such information. Nowadays more and more attention is paid to employees’ safety and environmental protection and no designer will dare to use a material which does not give an absolute guarantee of meeting the requirements of a project. A device like TEMES 1 purchased by Gambit gives such a guarantee not only to a designer, but also to a user.

Application of such a universal testing device is a reason to improve quality of manufactured gasket sheets. Each modification can be immediately assessed, measured and corrected, if necessary. Increased testing possibilities and  controlled development of a product enable Gambit to manufacture products meeting our customers’ strictest criteria.

Paweł Schulz