Legal note


The user is obliged to use the website in accordance with legal provisions, decent standards and provisions hereof.

The user is entitled to use the website resources only for the user’s personal purposes. It means – in particular and in relation to the data and any other materials included in the website resources which are and are not subject to protection pursuant to the copyright – that the aforementioned materials cannot be used by the user in the user’s commercial activity.

The user is obliged to give true data (personal information) in the registration form.

The user is obliged to update the personal data given by the user.

The user is obliged to keep the user’s login and individual password secret and to protect them against the access of the third parties.


Gambit reserves the right to block the access to the website at any time if the user breaches the conditions of its use, in particular in case of:
giving false personal data,
making the user’s own login or password available to the third parties,
violating the decent standards in relation to the content of the information and texts posted on the website and to the website operator.


Gambit represents that the materials and information being the website resources are gathered and edited with due care. Due to the specificity of the services provided, Gambit is not liable for the truthfulness, accuracy and factual correctness of the information included in the website resources. Furthermore, Gambit is not liable for the user’s decisions made pursuant to the information obtained as a result of using the website resources.

The user is entirely liable towards any third parties for the content of the information provided by the user and the texts posted on the website.

Gambit is not liable for the acts of the third parties operating the IT system of the website as well as for the damage caused as a result of damage to the user’s computer equipment or the user’s data resources during or in connection with the use of the website resources, in particular as a result of infection of the user’s IT system with the computer viruses.

Furthermore, Gambit is not liable for the cases of lack of access to the website resources resulting from the failure of the telecommunications system and for other effects of faulty operation of telecommunications links and damage caused thereby.

The user is responsible for the damage caused as a result of disclosing the individual login and password to unauthorized entities.