There are following friction materials in the production profile of GAMBIT Lubawa Sp z o.o.:

• BAC type -woven friction tapes impregnated with resin,

• GC-E type - composite materials formed with a rubber binder,

• GC-ES type - friction linings with metal filings.


Our friction linings are characterized by:

• favorable wear properties,

• stable value of the friction coefficient at elevated temperatures,

• higher allowable unit pressure.


Friction linings manufactured by GAMBIT Lubawka Sp z o.o. are used in axial and radial brakes for following types and functions of braking:

• occasional emergency braking,

• cyclical maneuvering braking,

• braking, eg elevator, press, crane,

• continuous braking


For safety reasons, please provide the mechanical characteristics of the brake.


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