Static Seals.

The most common connections for pipelines and fittings in the industry are flanged-screw connections. They must be sealed with non-metal flat gaskets or semi-metal gaskets.

Gambit manufactures gaskets dedicated to a variety of different flange-screw connection systems and parameters occuring inside the sealed pipelines and machines. The table below shows the six main types of gaskets that come in different configurations.


Gamseal Gaskets cut from AF series According to the sheet parameters 
Gambitgraf Gaskets cut from expanded graphite gasket sheets -200 - 500 oC (max. 550oC in steam); max 12 MPa
Gamspir® Spiral wound gaskets (SWG) -200 - 500 oC (max. 550oC in steam); max 16 MPa
Gamprofile Kammprofile gaskets -200 - 500 oC (max. 550oC in steam); max 25 MPa
Gamflex Metal jacketed gaskets with a filler -200 - 550 oC; max 25 MPa
Azmes Manhole and handhole gaskets -200 - 550 oC; max 25 MPa


All types of gaskets are manufactured in accordance with the standards or in accordance with the customer's requirements, i.e. the provided technical documentation. Moreover, we make gaskets on the basis of the provided pattern, using the reverse engineering method.

We produce standard gaskets in accordance with the following normes:

EN 1514-1 DIN 2690 DIN 20040 EN 12560-1 DIN 86072
DIN 2691 DIN 86071 ASME B16.21 DIN 2692 DIN 82331


ASME B16.20 EN 1514-2 EN 12560-2


ASME B16.20 EN 1514-6 EN 12560-6


DIN 7603 EN 1514-4 EN 12560-4


compressed fibre gaskets (including reinforced gaskets)
Flat gaskets are cut from Gambit AF gasket sheet series, which are aramid-elastomer sheets without reinforcement or additional metal reinforcements. They are used to seal static joints, as well as fl…
Flat gaskets cut from GAMBITGRAF LUX graphite sheets with 99.5% purity of expanded graphite, reinforced with a tanged steel core. Highly pure graphite, sulphur content less than 300 ppm and content…
Kammprofile gaskets consists of a acid-resistant steel metal core with concentric-cut grooves with a soft material layer made of graphite gasket sheet or PTFE on both sides. These gaskets are…
Spiral wound gasket GAMSPIR type  consists of a profiled steel strip with an alternately wound soft-elastic material tape. Depending on the application, we manufacture spiral gaskets in various…
AZMES spiral wound gaskets are used to seal cleaning manholes of boilers and fittings. Thanks to its construction and materials, its properties are superior to cut gaskets as well as metal gaskets.…
Flat gaskets cut from soft sealing material, enveloped with a metal jacket. It is a combination of elasticity of a filler with chemical and mechanical resistance of metal jacket. Depending on…

All information in this catalogue is based on years of experience in manufacture and use of the discussed products. Since sealing performance in the joint is subject to multiple factors such as mounting method, system parameters, and sealed medium, technical parameters specified herein are of informative nature only and cannot be used as grounds for any claims; any special uses of products are subject to consulting with the manufacturer.