Mission of Gambit Lubawka is production and sales on the local and foreign market high quality and environment-friendly sealing products, thermal insulation, rubber materials and brake goods, at the lowest cost.
We focus on meeting our customers’ demands.
We treat all customers and contractors with respect, encouraging  long-term relationship.
We offer our employees:
- Safe and clean work environment
- Possibility to realise one’s professional aspirations and raise qualifications
- Friendly atmosphere to active participation in company matters
We constantly strive for perfection.


G-ambitious solutions
Gambit Lubawka is the leading Polish manufacturer of sealing and thermal insulation products, successful on the local market and expanding to foreign markets for over a decade. Below, we would like to present six keys of perfection pursuit, each literally written into the Company brand name.

The company manufactures mainly goods meeting the needs of an individual customer. There is no mass production, dedicated to average applications. The bulk of our production are asbestos-free gasket sheets (certified by Germanischer Lloyd and DVGW, among others) and friction linings, pressed and woven.

Gambit products undergo intensive processes of certification by independent entities. It is the key to expansion on foreign markets and a confirmation of quality. This results in a growth of interest not only in our products but also in the Company itself.

Although the Company has been a significant player on the Polish market for years, yet it still dares for more. For the past decade, the Company has been crossing the borders. The products have been used in most distant places, including Japan, Australia, Peru and Nigeria.

„G-ambitious” strategy of the Company includes pursuing the brand awareness throughout the world. Thus, the Company representatives attend numerous fair events. The nearest future events are M-Tech Osaka (October 2013), Kunnossapito Oulu (May 2014), ISK Sodex Istanbul (May 2014) and Achema (June 2015)

Regularly updated webpage presents multilingual and exhaustive information. Its present form is a result of a mix of multilingualism and technical knowledge of the staff.

Test results of our sheets are published on the prestigious along with the products of our most influential competitors. In order to meet quality requirements, the Company cooperates with technical institutes in Poland and abroad.