1962 - starting of the production

1985 - working out an action plan to aim at finishing production based on asbestos

1999 (March) - the final end of working with asbestos

1999 - obtainment ISO 9001 certificate 

2001 the beginning of restructurization actions

2001 - obtainment ISO/TS 16949 certificate (automotive industry) 

2001 - ISO 14001 (environment protection) 

2004 - Consolidation of production

2007 - CNC department start up 

2007 - Creating a group of companies. Gambit GI Sp. z o.o. start up

2011 - completion of 10-year long privatisation process of Gambit Lubawka Ltd.

2011 - purchase of oscillating knife plotter produced by German company ARISTO

2011 - purchase of multifunctional apparatus TEMES fl.ai 1 from company AMTEC  Messtechnischer Service GmbH for testing gasket sheet material 

2013 - First sheet based on HNBR rubber  offered by Gambit Lubawka  – GAMBIT MAGNUM. 

2014 - The company has acquired a new ATOM plotter, the most up-to-date and fastest cutting device, allowing for cutting gaskets of various shapes.

2014 - A new purchase – a sewing machine by the renowned German company Dürkopp Adler. The machine is one of a kind and was made for a special order from our company.

2015 – Obtaining the title of "Outstanding Exporter of the Year 2014" from the Association of Polish Exporters

2015 – Launching the production of PTFE compensators – welded, with increased chemical resistance, tightness and mechanical strength

2016 – Testing of the AF-GL plate at -196°C, carried out at the Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wrocław, ended with a positive result

2017 – Commencement of three EU projects related to the introduction of innovative solutions

2017 – First place in the Radio Wrocław TOP 5 best Lower Silesian inventions plebiscite

2017 – Launch of a new calender for the production of aramid gasket sheets

2021 - Launching the production of a new aramid gasket sheet AF-FDA (for contact with food)

2021 - Purchase of a new KEYENCE measuring device