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GAMBIT AF series asbestos-free gasket sheets are state-of-the-art materials for technical sealing of various media, and for application in a broad range of temperatures and pressures. These products are composites of top quality aramide fibres, specially composed inorganic fibres, and fillers, as well as elastomers selected for specific working conditions. Highly specialised calendering process of sheets, meeting the requirements of ISO-9001, guarantees high and stable quality. Technical parameters of GAMBIT AF sheets meet the requirements for the majority of applications. Wherever specific…
Static Seals. The most common connections for pipelines and fittings in the industry are flanged-screw connections. They must be sealed with non-metal flat gaskets or semi-metal gaskets. Gambit manufactures gaskets dedicated to a variety of different flange-screw connection systems and parameters occuring inside the sealed pipelines and machines. The table below shows the six main types of gaskets that come in different configurations.   TYPE DESCRIPTION PARAMETERS Gamseal Gaskets cut from AF series According to the sheet parameters  Gambitgraf Gaskets cut from expanded graphite gasket sheets…
Braided packings are the most common sealings used in stuffing boxes of pumps and fittings. Easy-to-apply, versatile, long-lasting and relatively cheap, they are continuously a subject of users’ interest, although the number of alternative solutions is growing steadily. Implementation of advancements in material engineering, new materials and ever further specialised material and design compositions, allow obtaining better and more durable sealing solutions, provided correct mounting and operation is ensured. Operating principle of braided packing. Properly cut sections of braided packing…
Nowadays we must manage the energy in a rational way. Technological development sign for any user is to use the latest thermal insulations. Gambit products can be characterized by: - refractoriness up to 1500 oC - low density up to 1,5 g/cm3 - open porosity from 40% to 85% - low rate of heat conduction below 0,6 W/mK Various techniques of GAMBIT Lubawka Sp. z o.o. can guarantee excellent production of the following assortment: 1. Sealants and heat-insulating ropes 2. Woven clothes and belts 3. Sack, woven sleeves and sewn of belts sleeves 4. Blankets, pillows, screens, shields 5. Card boards…
General information Industrial processes require a possibility of a flexible joint of two or mere components that move against each other, in such a way as to maintain tightness of the connection. The solution of this problem are compensator fabrics produced by Gambit in accordance with individual needs of users or installation designers. They are used as flexible joints compensating thermal deformations, side shift, and vibrations, while muffling and reducing transfer of noise across the installation. Compensators are used in power plants, gas turbines, chemical industry, petrochemical…
There are following friction materials in the production profile of GAMBIT Lubawa Sp z o.o.: • BAC type -woven friction tapes impregnated with resin, • GC-E type - composite materials formed with a rubber binder, • GC-ES type - friction linings with metal filings.   Our friction linings are characterized by: • favorable wear properties, • stable value of the friction coefficient at elevated temperatures, • higher allowable unit pressure.   Friction linings manufactured by GAMBIT Lubawka Sp z o.o. are used in axial and radial brakes for following types and functions of braking: • occasional…

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