The Quality Policy of Gambit Lubawka Sp. z o.o.

Gambit Lubawka Sp. z o.o. is a leading manufacturer of sealing systems and thermal insulations. The main  objective of the company is a constant improvement of meeting the requirements of our present and future Customers and all the concerned parties, using any available technical and organizational methods and knowledge.

The understanding and implementation of the Quality Policy among the employees is achieved by a scheduled training system and providing the staff with the current information by the Intranet, communication system and information boards.

Our Quality Policy has been defined and implemented on the basis of the following management and behaviour rules:

  • understanding of the full range of Customer’s requirements and taking on measures; aiming at exceeding these requirements;
  • strengthening Customer’s trust in our Company as a reliable supplier ;
  • setting high requirements to our suppliers of subassemblies and raw materials;
  • fulfilling obligations in terms of quality, cost reduction and delivery punctuality;
  • taking on actions in favour of constant increasing effectiveness and innovativeness, based on continuous improvement of business and production processes, well-defined assessment procedures and questionnaires for the Customers;
  • constant development and modernizations of applied technologies;
  • systematic product research;
  • raising qualifications of the staff by general and specialised training courses;
  • promoting teamwork and managing the organizational knowledge;
  • applying preventive measures for the effective managing the risk inside the Company;

The Quality Policy is reviewed in terms of its validity and correspondence with the Company mission and its Strategic Goals. All the employees are engaged in creating, maintaining and improving the Quality System.