Packing type 6055

packing type 6055

Packing of expanded pure graphite yarn reinforced with thin inconel wire, with each single thread over-braided with inconel mesh. Due to its thermal and chemical resistance, self-lubricating properties and good thermal conductivity, expanded graphite is perfect for high temperature braided packings used in both rotodynamic pumps and in fittings. Use of reinforcement with dense inconel plait improves mechanical strength of the packing, while preventing it from entering into the gap between the shaft or the spindle and the stuffing box enclosure. This permits using the packing at extremely high pressure conditions. This type contains inhibitors of corrosion.
Recommended for use in stuffing boxes of fittings at extremely high temperatures and pressures, with water, steam, oils, solvents, salts, acids and alkalis, with exception of strong oxidants. Not recommended for use with liquid metals, e.g. iron, and abrasive media. Particularly popular in professional power generation sector.



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