Packing type 605

packing type 605

Packing made of expanded pure graphite yarn with a cotton core. Due to its thermal and chemical resistance, self-lubricating properties and good thermal conductivity, the expanded graphite is perfect for high temperature braided packings used in both rotodynamic pumps and in fittings. Replacement of inconel reinforcement with cotton thread reduces mechanical parameters at high temperature but thanks to that the packing sets itself more softly inside the stuffing box and its friction coefficient is lower.
Recommended for use in stuffing boxes of pumps and fittings at temperatures up to 450 °C, with water, steam, oils, solvents, salts, acids and alkalis, with exception of strong oxidants. Not recommended for use with liquid metals and abrasive media.
Particularly recommended for use in rotodynamic pumps, where PTFE cannot be used due to temperature limitations.



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