Packing type 606 BIO

Szczeliwo typ 606 BIO

Stainless steel reinforced bio-soluble ceramic yarn used in this packing provides excellent heat resistance combined with excellent thermal insulation property. Additionally, the style of braiding enhances the characteristics
with high elasticity. This packing contains up to 18% of organic fibres which may burn out in the beginning of operation period without adverse effects to operational parameters of the packing. Modification of chemical composition allows to obtain a product that even when inhaled promptly exits the lungs, not causing any health risks.
Used for sealing chambers, driers and furnaces at extremely high temperatures. High chemical resistance of aluminosilicate fibres allows to adopt this packing in chemical equipment, and exhaust systems for hot flue and post-reaction gases. Also used as thermal insulation of hot components. This packing can be used for continuous operation in static applications at temperatures up to 1100 °C, and in dynamic applications up to 650 °C.



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