Gasket sheet GAMBIT MAGNUM

GAMBIT MAGNUM® gasket sheet is a combination of selected unique yarns, fillers and rubber. The high-capacity aramid and mineral fibres, together with nano-fillers and selected rubber composition that create discontinuous phase and a specific method of cross-linking make the sheet structure different from the standard yarn-elastomer sheets. Sealing goods made of this sheet maintain high elasticity in higher temperatures and resistance to media than the standard sheets, which extend its life-cycle.

General features and applications:
GAMBIT MAGNUM gasket sheet features higher elasticity in higher temperatures and higher resistance media. It is recommended to applications in water, steam, kerosene, fuels, oils, salt solutions, weak acids and bases, natural gas, propane-butane.

*GAMBIT MAGNUM®  is a registered trademark of Gambit Lubawka Sp. z o.o. or its affiliates.




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