Can one use the non-asbestos gasket sheets of Gambit AF type that are primarily oil resistant also with aqueous solutions?

Gambit oil resistant gasket sheets gain their chemical characteristics by virtue of using nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). However does not impede their resistance to weak aqueous solutions of salts, acids and bases. More information on individual gasket sheets can be found in our product catalogue.

Are there gland packings for pumps which give leak free performance?

The Guidelines of European Sealing Association (ESA) lay down that pump stuffing boxes should work with controlled leakage. This leak rate lowers the packing’s friction against the shaft and drives the heat away from the friction point. However, in some particular cases that do not involve high working temperatures it is possible to have leak free functioning with the use of packings that have low friction coefficient, good thermal conductivity,  and outstanding temperature resistance.

Does the catalogue information on Gambit AF-400 gasket sheet’s capability to work up to 12 MPa guarantee that all gaskets cut out of this material will perform well in said pressure?

It is not the correct understanding. That piece of information communicates that gaskets made of AF-400 material will be tight under 12 MPa pressure provided that optimal working conditions are the case. Specific working conditions, assembly procedure, quality of flanges, etc., may substantially reduce maximum working pressure. If in doubt, you should base any decisions over the usage on calculation procedures available in standards.

When heated up, the aluminosilicate bands and cords smoke. Is it still possible to apply them as thermal insulation materials?

During the production process, because of technological reasons, the yarn contains 20% of cellulose. At the first stage of work, burning out cellulose takes place. The thermal insulation material maintains its properties.

Which brake band is better: the BAC type or the ATU type?

They have similar friction coefficients, clamp and maximum friction speed. The BAC type features higher maximum working temperature, but being a ceramic band, it is abrasive to a brake drum. The ATU type works better with a brake drum, but its maximum working temperature is lower.

Which is more suitable to apply as static packings in high temperatures: graphite packings or aluminosilicate packings?

Everything depends on operation conditions. Graphite works better in reducing environment, whereas aluminosilicates work out  in oxidizing environment. Graphite is tighter than aluminosilicates, but less elastic than them at the same time.


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