Gaskets for static applications in flange joints


Gambit offers a wide range of high quality fl ange gaskets, meeting various requirements. Different types of fl anges and different chains of dimensions are applied. They are standardized and usually fl anges are consistent with the following norms:

  • EN 1759 – fl anges in a metric system with classes specifi ed
  • EN 1092 – fl anges in a metric system with PN specifi ed
  • EN-ISO 7005 – fl anges in a metric system with PN specifi ed
  • ASME B 16.5 in an inch system with classes specifi ed.

For fl anges defi ned this way Gambit Lubawka Sp. z o.o. manufactures gaskets according to appropriate norms describing construction and sizes of gaskets. Numbers of these norms are referred to in description of individual types of gaskets. We also manufacture gaskets beyond the chains of dimensions, according to requirements defi ned by a customer. In order to meet our customers’ demands related to various fl ange systems, we manufacture different types of gaskets:

1. GAMSEAL gaskets cut from AF series gasket sheets,
2. GAMBITGRAF gaskets cut from graphite sheets,
3. GAMPROFILE kammprofi le,
4. GAMSPIR® spiral wound gaskets,
5. AZMES gaskets,
6. GAMFLEX metal jacket gaskets.


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