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Gambit Lubawka Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of a wide range of sealings and other rubber and rubber/metal products. They are all made of our own rubber mixtures, based on NR, NBR, SBR, EPDM rubbers and their combinations, and third party mixtures FKM and VMQ. Rubber mixtures with standard parameters, as well as with customer defined parameters, can be packed according to the agreed shape and weight.

Types of mixtures are defined in PN-82/C-94153 or in a customer's specification.
With years of experience in manufacturing and application of rubber mixtures and finished components we feel competent to select suitable mixture to a customer's specified needs.


We produce a wide range of vulcanized products using presses or injection moulding machines, namely:

  • Gaskets for piston rods of shock absorbers for motor industry
  • Gaskets for industrial fittings
  • Sealing rings of circular cross-section (O-ring type)
  • Gaskets and rubber washers of rectangular cross-section
  • Rubber treads for hoisting machines
  • Rubber discs for belt conveyors
  • Membranes and diaphragms
  • Sleeves, bumpers, rubber and metal shock absorbers, silent blocks, etc.
  • Mud flaps
  • Other products on the basis of drawings and agreements with customers.

The antistatic and self-extinguishing rubber mixture, designed especially for mining applications, allowed launching the family of products dedicated to customers in that sector. Particularly interesting are rubber solids for circulation guides of hoisting machines, for which we are certified with “B” safety symbol, and admission to use in underground mining plants issued by the President of Central Mining Office (WYG).

In addition to standard products we are oriented on new launches. Our own design office and Tool-and-Die Facilities allow us to design and execute the equipment necessary for manufacturing product matching a customer's expectations, in cost-optimized technology with regard to the size of production lot ordered. As opposed to many rubber plants focused on large-scale production we are ready to meet your needs and expectations.


  • Rubber sheets
    Types of mixtures are defined in PN-82/C-94153 or in a customer's specification. With years of experience in... więcej


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